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Sales Team Sticky Note #4: True Success

While there are many companies that make a lot of money, we have learned the TRULY successful ones are those who are interested enough in their prospects to learn what they need.  Hopefully, we’re able to help fill that need with our products and services – if they make sense for the client.  Success is NOT talking someone into something they don’t want or need.



Sales Team Sticky Note #3: Getting Face Time

Face time is so important, whether it’s discussing potential business with a new prospect, checking in with a current client, or meeting with a business partner.  Some things are just better said in person, rather than through email or on the phone.  However, face time is also valuable and can be rare in some instances.  Everyone’s busy.  But we all have to eat sometime, so why not multi-task and have a conversation over a meal?

When trying to set up a meeting with someone who has NO time on her calendar for an appointment, simply ask “Do you enjoy eating lunch?” Of course she does! Follow up with a choice of days and dining options like “ Would Wednesday or Thursday be best for us to go to (insert restaurant choice), or I will be happy to get take out and bring it by. We can have a fun lunch and discuss your project.”  Voila! You have an appointment (and a full stomach)!



Sales Team Sticky Note #1: Tired of leaving unreturned messages? Try this.

Most days leave us without enough hours to get everything done, so it’s understandable that messages and emails can go unanswered. A personal touch can go a long way in standing out among the inbox list and blinking voicemail lights and snag a few of those precious minutes.

After leaving  a combination of voice mails and emails that go unanswered, try simply preparing a handwritten note and enclosing a business card. The message goes something like this, “While I have been unable to reach you, please know the reason I want to speak briefly is about increasing your results at face to face marketing events (OR whatever the topic might be). Please call my cell number shown on the attached business card at your earliest convenience.”  Hand addressing and stamping the informal is also important.

It’s simple and concise, yet it shows an increasingly rare form of customer service in our world of electronic mail.   Plus, who doesn’t like to receive a piece of mail that isn’t a bill to be paid? Taking a few minutes out of your busy day might just see the favor returned by the person you’re trying to reach.