Counters and Kiosks

When we first got into the tradeshow industry, things were a lot different then they are now. The industry was in a rapid change and everyone was fighting to have the best way of building a booth. This is when the SPO line of kiosks were made. Our designer created several counters using free formed fabric to create and elegant and sexy look. The kicker was that all of the kiosks could be assembled without using a single tool. This changed things…

The tooless way!

We designed a system that could be easily assembled. One part of the counter would have a male knock-down and one with the female knock-down. They easily interlocked and then you push a pin through them both securing the structure. We still use this system today and it is one of the easiest forms of assembly.


Different counters and kiosks in our rental inventory!

The SPO models!