Choosing Your Exhibit

If you have been to a trade show before, then you know how extensive the options are for choosing a booth. It is limitless! There are inline booths, pop ups, island booths, double-deckers, stages, and even pavilions! When deciding which direction to go,  it comes down to one simple question… “How vividly can you dream?”. 

This can be a cumbersome task, but not when you pick the right team. We will factor every aspect for you to make this a truly fun experience, as it should be! Our team is full of designers, problem solvers, and dreamers… ready to work on all custom exhibits. Let’s get started.

The top 8 questions to prepare yourself with:
  1. What is your budget?
  2. What size booth are you wanting?
  3. What show(s) are you going too ?
  4. How many people will work your booth?
  5. Do you have things for exhibitors to walk away with?
  6. What are the dates of your show?
  7. Do you have storage for your booth available?
  8. Do you need show services?

exhibits built to date.