20 years




Director of First Impressions- President

Fun Fact: Could rule a small country, but cannot figure out how to turn her T.V. on.

Michelle Fitzgerald

Operations Manager

Fun Fact: Can wiggle her ears.

Bill Clark

Warehouse Manager- Vice President

Fun Fact: Has broken almost half of the bones in his body.

Susan Mesko

Director of Internal Affairs- Vice President

Fun Fact: Prefers wearing pajamas to any other clothing.

John Mesko

Purchasing Manager – Vice President

Fun Fact: Cooks green beans that have more calories in them than a Big Mac!

Ashley Clark

Administrative Assistant/HR

Fun Fact: Once mistook tums for shock tarts and ate an entire bottle.
Side Note: Has never had heartburn…

Dez Edmondson

Account Executive

Fun Fact: Is a part of a mime worship dance group.

Alex Alcala

Las Vegas Sales Rep.

Fun Fact: Did something one time.

Steven Andrews

Senior Designer

Fun Fact: Is a retired U.S. Navy Veteran!

Chris Choate

Industrial Designer

Fun Fact: Has traveled the world playing music for the U.S. Military.

Joe McCormack

Detailer/ IT

Fun Fact: “There are two nibbles in a byte”

Brandon McClellan

Graphic Designer / Detailer

Fun Fact: “Does not exist yet”

Brandy Stewart

Graphics Technician

Fun Fact: Is pretty boring.

Dax Russell

Graphics Manager

Fun Fact: He likes playing the guitar, and frying chicken.

Heather Bowers


Fun Fact: Is terrified of caterpillars!

Cori Johnson


Fun Fact: “Does not exist yet”

Savannah Richardson

Graphics Tech

Fun Fact: “Does not exist yet”

Scott Cunningham

Project Manager

Fun Fact: “Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.”

Aaron Long

Metal Fabricator

Fun Fact: Has a buffalo tattoo on his calf… yup he’s from Buffalo.

Bryan Coogan

Powder Coater

Fun Fact: Likes going to the river.

Dave Malone

President of Local Logistics

Fun Fact: Served our country as a Marine!

Jamie Barker

Metal Fabricator

Fun Fact: Has 2 older brothers and all three of them have the same birthday.

Larry Horner


Fun Fact: “May the sun be in your face and the wind at your back!”

Billy Wiesenauer

CNC Router Operator

Fun Fact: Harmonica Extraordinaire!

Jesse Barker

I&D Team Member

Fun Fact: “I’d rather be Kayaking!”

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