After your design has been approved, the production phase begins.

From pre-press to setup, we do it all under one roof.

You can trust our 25+ years of experience to produce your booth with meticulous attention and extreme care.


From creating your templates and proofing your booth to printing for fabric sublimation and vinyl installations…Our pre-press team will ensure that your files are prepped and printed with extreme accuracy. This department works closely with each other department to ensure files are sized correctly and installed exactly as they were presented you. 


From 8’x8′ voom walls to towering 20’ tall structures and backlit hanging signs to funky accent walls, our fabric team takes extreme care in measuring your space and sewing your fabric to ensure that your booth is tight as a drum.


Need a 3D logo for your booth? Want a reception desk like you’ve never seen? No problem! Our router and woodshop team will make all your 3D element and cabinet dreams come true!


We can create custom framing for all your ideas that go beyond the standard frame. From custom hanging signs to asymmetrical accent walls, we know our welding department will get it done right and create some of the coolest elements of your booth.


To ensure there are no surprises on the show floor, we set up everything in-house exactly as it would be at your event before shipment. We dress all the fabric, assemble all the demo stations, turn on all the lights, set up all the furniture. The show floor is no place to find out that something isn’t quite right.

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